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How much is your home worth in the Collin County area

You are thinking of listing your home for sale in the Collin County area, but you are not sure if you have enough equity in your home to ensure that you can get the price you need to make it worth your while.

If you are not being forced to sell you home do to financial or possibly relocation reasons, then knowing how much your home is worth will be the most important factor whether you list you home for sale or not. The best way to find out what your home is worth is to contact a professional real estate agent in the Collin County area and make an appointment for a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA.

A CMA is when a skilled agent will take certain factors like current market trends and home values in your area, and come up with a competitive price that not only will hopefully meet what you need to pull out of your house, but will also be priced to sell your home fast. A CMA is not an official estimate of your homes value that can be used for insurance or appraisal purposes, but it is prepared by a trained professional for the sole purpose of selling your home, and this is the first step to take listing your home.

Along with what is going on in the housing market in the Collin County area, your real estate agent will also take into consideration other deciding factors:

Location – Where your house is located matters a great deal and what kind of amenities are available such as high quality schools, proximity to public transportation, and even the walking distance to shopping centers and libraries. The sense of community is your neighborhood is also included in this consideration.

Age And Condition – New homes and Historic homes tend to hold the best value. Homes who’s age is somewhere in the middle of that are less valuable. The condition of the home is also a factor that determines value. Buyers generally want to move into a home that does not require too much fixing-up, and will pay more for a home that is move-in condition, then pay less to deal with the hassles of renovations.

Layout – A more open spacious layout commands a higher value then a home that is less spacious with more rooms. A open layout makes the home look larger and that is very appealing to many home buyers.

Upgrades – It’s a fine line to walk when it comes to upgrades. Some people make the mistake of upgrading their home without taking into consideration what the neighboring homes have in terms of upgrades. Too much upgrading in stark contrast to the neighborhood will actually decrease a homes value.

There are several considerations that go into a homes value, so the best thing to do before you start to make changes to your home, or making noneducational decisions about your homes value is to call a real estate expert for a CMA. The professionals at The Dallas Real Estate Group would be happy to help.

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